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Welcome to our school


If you want to learn how to fly, in our school you will become a true pilot.


Our instructors are pilots with a long and extensive experience. The Costa Brava geographic and meteorological conditions makes our aerodrome the perfect environment to fly.


With the Official license of ULTRALIGHT pilot, you'll be able to fly light aircrafts of up to 450 kg.


The basic course includes a minimum of 15

flight hours, where you will fly different types of aircraft, such as the 3 axes or the Pendular Trike, and a minimum of 8 theoretical classes.

A prior medical review will be necessary.


This license is necessary to be able to communicate legally from any radio, either from an airplane, flight field or other locations.


The exam is theoretical and is done by an examiner appointed by Civil Aviation.


We offer other courses and services such as the qualification for a different type of aircraft, training for pilots with expired licenses or the validation of the U.L.M pilot license coming from the PPL (Private Pilot License).

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Ctra. Orriols-L'Escala (GI-623) Km. 13,5 Hangar nº1
17137 Viladamat (Girona)
Phone numbers: 685 90 61 72 / 685 90 61 51

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We will contact you shortly. 

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